Dental Care

One of the cornerstones of good health in both people and pets is active dental care. The caring doctors at Apollo have years of successful dental treatment and care, and they will provide the same level of expertise to your pet.

Why Dentistry is Important for the Life of Your Pet

Dental issues seen in people are similar to those we see in pets. Imagine if you have never used a toothbrush or been to the dentist yourself. You would expect your teeth to have decay and your mouth to be extremely sore, making it difficult to eat. You could also have heart and liver disease due to the amount of bacteria in your mouth that you would constantly swallow. All of these issues will occur in an animal that has never had dental care.

Dental disease begins when your pet eats and waste and bacteria known as plaque and tartar begin to form on their teeth. Without proper cleaning and care, these bacteria will begin to cause irritation and soreness at the gum level. The animal’s teeth are also at risk due to the decay caused by these bacteria. Left unchecked, these bacteria can cause harm to your pet’s heart, liver and kidneys.

Proper dental care needs to begin early in the life of your pet. Many pets begin to show early signs of buildup of plaque and tartar as early as one year of age. By age three (3), it is estimated that 80% of untreated pets have some form of periodontal disease.

Pet dental care begins at home and is supplemented by your veterinarian. Proper nutrition and brushing at home can help delay the tartar and plaque that can cause dental disease. Regular visits to the veterinarian will provide the cleaning and polishing your pet needs to maintain a healthy mouth.

Dental Care at Apollo Animal Hospital and Pet Resort

Our dental suite is very similar to what you may have experienced at your own dentist’s office including the use of advanced cleaning and polishing instruments. These tools enable our caring doctor to properly prevent or treat most stages of periodontal disease. Dr. McManus has many years of successful prevention and treatment of dental disease and will bring that same standard of excellent care to your pet’s dental needs.

At Apollo, we understand that prevention of disease is always more effective and less costly than treatment. According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, the average cost to treat issues associated with dental disease is $531.71 versus $171.82 for prevention. Pets are also generally much healthier when preventative dental care begins at a young age, rather than waiting for issues to arise when they are older.

The caring doctors at Apollo will also show you how to care for your pet between visits. We will instruct you on proper nutrition and regular brushing to help prevent periodontal disease at home. Schedule your pet’s dental appointment with one of our compassionate staff members today!