Hospice & Euthanasia

Apollo Animal Hospital and its staff are pleased to offer care for your pet through all stages of their life, from babies to seniors. In cases of serious illness, our number one priority is treatment and curing the illness. Unfortunately some sickness cannot be cured and only symptoms can be treated. Animals naturally do best in their home environments, therefore if all options are exhausted for a cure, our doctors at Apollo will educate you on how to best care for your pet in their last days. Our goal at this point is to keep your pet pain free and comfortable. A few extra weeks or months of life at home helps not only you but your family come to terms with an eventual passing and gives a quality of care that only you can provide for your pet.

When the time for the end has come, the staff at Apollo Animal Hospital will provide compassionate and sympathetic care to you and your pet. Your pet is given a series of drugs that will sedate them, then slow their heart rate and breathing down until eventually they stop altogether. Your pet is pain-free through this process, you are able to be with them throughout the procedure and they simply fall asleep and pass over to the other side. This is a very sensitive and hard time for our clients, but Apollo’s staff has much experience and will help guide you through this emotional process.