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At Apollo Pet Hospital & Resort, we tend to see skin issues and allergic reactions in pets on a daily basis. Dermatological conditions, however, are not limited to itchy skin, but can include ear infections, anal gland issues, and skin infections. Our approach to diagnosing skin problems involves communication with the client for an in-depth review of the pet’s symptoms and lifestyle followed by testing. We then strive to establish a long term relationship with our clients so that we can monitor the progression of the condition and how it is responding to treatment.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Typically, when an animal is suffering from irritation of the skin, they are likely to exhibit excessive scratching, biting, licking, hair loss, scabs, or dandruff. When the skin is inflamed and is causing constant irritation, it can be miserable for pets and their owners alike. To get to the root of your pet’s skin problem, our doctors will first rule out non-allergic skin diseases. For example, a skin scraping can determine the presence of mange, a fungal culture can identify ringworm, and so forth. If these and other conditions are not present, and your pet’s clinical signs and history fit, your dog will be diagnosed with allergic dermatitis.

Classic triggers of allergy symptoms include food, flea saliva, dust, mites, plant and grass pollens, molds and fungi. Once your pet’s allergies are activated, inflammation and irritation of the skin, and possibly the development of a secondary skin infection, makes the irritation even worse. To understand what is causing an allergic reaction in your pet, our veterinarian will perform allergy tests similar to those used for humans to determine the cause of the allergies. He will then consult with you to develop a treatment protocol for your pet.

Veterinary medicine has taken great strides in alleviating the discomfort of skin ailments through medicated shampoos, topical solutions, and prescription oral medications. There are also new oral allergy medications for dogs that are extremely safe and effective for both short and long-term use.

Apollo Pet Hospital & Resort offers treatment to pets in Huntsville, Meridianville, Hazel Green, Lacey’s Spring, and Athens who are suffering from skin issues. If your pet appears to be suffering from a skin condition, schedule an appointment for an evaluation today.