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Apollo Pet Hospital & Resort offers immunotherapy, a treatment that is used for pets who suffer from moderate to severe allergic reactions. When pets have a condition such as atopic dermatitis, they exhibit allergic reactions including scratching, licking, biting the skin, and hair loss to name a few. These reactions are triggered when your pet inhales airborne substances like house dust, grass or pollen. Immunotherapy uses a pet’s own immune system to gradually build up a tolerance to the allergens causing their allergic reaction.

Once the cause of your pet’s allergy has been determined through allergy testing, a serum for injections will be created specifically for your pet. Immunotherapy works by introducing small amounts of the allergen causing the reaction into your pet’s system over time. Gradually, the dosage will be increased so that your pet will build up a tolerance to the allergens and the allergic response to the irritant will diminish over time. This is the only therapy that changes the immune system’s response to allergies rather than suppressing the immune system’s reactions. Pet parents need to be aware that some allergic conditions may take a significant amount of time to diagnose and bring under control.

Our doctors will monitor the progression of the condition and how it is responding to treatment to ensure that your pet is receiving the best treatment option possible. There are other treatment options that may provide quicker relief during peak allergy season. Shampoos and topicals with cortisone can also minimize the effects of allergies and skin irritations through regular applications.

If you think your pet may have allergy issues, please contact us at Apollo Pet Hospital & Resort. Our service area includes Huntsville, Meridianville, Hazel Green, Lacey’s Spring, Athens, and other nearby communities.