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One of the most useful tools a veterinarian has at his disposal in his clinic is the use of radiologic technology. This is commonly known as x-ray. Animals are unable to tell us exactly where they hurt, so x-ray helps our staff identify the problem areas and set us on a course to treat and cure the issues plaguing our pets.

Apollo Pet Hospital & Resort uses x-ray as a diagnostic tool as well as guidance for surgery. If your pet comes in for an emergency visit, he or she may receive an x-ray as a starting point to identify the problem. Radiography can help identify fractures, locate foreign bodies, discover masses or tumors, measure organ size, diagnose pneumonia as well as pregnancy. All x-rays contain some component of radiation, however rest assured that our staff will never put your pet’s health at risk with overexposure.

Having this service in-house enables us to discover your pet’s problem and start the appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Call us for diagnostic services; we provide care to pets in Huntsville, Decatur, Lacey’s Spring, Meridianville, Hazel Green, and beyond.